Rohingya Refugees

Support has been offered to the Rohingya refugees stranded in the seas of South East Asia, as Malaysia and Indonesia have offered them temporary sanctuary.  However, the situation is still critical.  Pressure need to be maintained on the EU and the UN to ensure an appropriate international response to the immediate crisis.  They should also work to address the root causes of this crisis, the Burmese government’s escalating repression of the Rohingya.

Take action: Rohingya refugees

* Please email Mr. Charlie Flanagan, Minister for Foreign Affairs & Trade, asking him to ensure that the EU discusses this crisis and that the EU puts pressure on Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia to assist the Rohingyan refugees. A draft email is below.

* Letters should be sent to


There is a growing humanitarian and human rights crisis in Arakan State, with over 100,000 Rohingya people displaced.

Take Action to release political prisoners. 

U WIN TIN Blue Shirt Day for political prisoner in Burma.
On April 21st, we call on people to honour the memory of U Win Tin by raising awareness and taking action for the release of political prisoners still in jail. Please wear a blue shirt or blue clothing, post pictures of yourself wearing blue on social media, and let people know that there are still political prisoners in jail, and that they need our support.

Take action - Violent crackdown on students in Burma

Dear Friend of Burma Action Ireland,

A brutal crackdown took place on Tuesday on students in Letpadan in Pegu Division, resulting in at least 127 arrests and an estimated 100 injuries. The students had been marching from Mandalay to Rangoon to demand changes to the National Education Law. Action must be taken to prevent further excessive violence. 

The international community, including the EU, has failed to condemn this violent treatment of peaceful protesters. The EU has given millions of euro in aid to the Burmese government, some of which is for training the police force. People in Burma are fearful of more attacks and arrests and a repeat of the violent crackdowns in 1988, 1996 and 2007.

Please write to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mr. Charlie Flanagan,, to pressure President Thein Sein and the Burmese authorities not to use any further violence on the students

Dear Minister Flanagan,

I am writing to you to express my concern at the violent crackdown on the student protesters demanding changes to the National Education Law in Burma. The students have been exercising their democratic right to protest at what they see as unreasonable provisions in the law. 

However, these students and their supporters have been intimidated, harassed and some have been arrested by police and security forces. There is a real concern that the violence will escalate and that there will be a repeat of the brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters that occurred in 1988, 1996 and 2007.

The EU has lavished praise on President Thein Sein and his government for any reform initiatives taken but so far, the EU has failed to condemn these attacks and arrests. The EU is providing millions of Euros in aid to the Burmese authorities, some of which is for training the police force. Ireland, as a member of the EU, has a responsibility to make clear to President Thein Sein that such attacks are unacceptable and that there should no further repression of peaceful protesters.

I hope that you can take action immediately to convey these concerns to President Thein Sein and help prevent the potential serious consequences of this crackdown. 

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]

BAI Newsletter 2014: 1

31 Mar 2014

The current newsletter highlights the problems surrounding the census underway in Burma and the ‘epidemic’ of landgrabbing.

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