Kachin State is the most northerly state in Burma, bordering China to the East and India to the west.  It is an area rich in natural resources, such as teak, jade and other precious stones.  The Kachin Independence Organisation and its military wing, the Kachin Independence Army had for years fought against the Burmese central leadership until a ceasefire was signed in 1994, a ceasefire which lasted seventeen years until June 2011.  The time of ceasefire, though not completely secure, was generally without major hostilities. 

Since the Burmese government broke the ceasefire with the Kachin Independence Organisation in June 2011, the Burmese Army has been committing horrific human rights abuses against ethnic Kachin civilians, forcing around 100,000 people to flee their homes. 

In Kachin State, Burma’s reforms seem a world away

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