2010 Cyclists!




Sunday 8th July to Saturday 14th July 2012

♦ Starting at Mizen Head in West Cork, overnighting in Killarney, Doolin, the Aran Islands, Westport, Sligo & the Glenties with the finish at Malin Head in Donegal

♦ Van support for bikes & bags & tired legs! – Some participants may take turns to drive

♦ You pay your own expenses. No entry fee – pay your own food and accommodation bills en-route, and ferrys and contribute to van costs. Own food & accommodation choice (e.g. camping, hostel, hotel, relations!)

The whole group stays together for relaxed morning cycles with average speeds of 25 km/hr approximately on the flat. Group may split in afternoon for those who like a challenge! 110 km/day approximately and we cycle off main roads where possible.

There will be plenty of time to view sights en route. Entertaining bikers especially welcome!
♫♫  Bring your old songbook or party piece. Days and evenings should be good craic.  ♫♫

This is not a charity event. You may however, if you wish, raise sponsorship in aid of Burmese Refugees (and the funds raised will go directly to the Burma border areas via Burma Action Ireland (BAI)) or you may get sponsorship for your own favourite charity or do neither, the choice is yours. This is a cycling holiday and, at the same time, Burma Action Ireland will organise some public awareness raising about BURMA en route with press releases and photo opportunities.

Maurice Hurley – Weekend cyclist, teacher & member of Burma Action Ireland. Phone Maurice at 087 056 4741 or email: Maurice@tetns.ie for further info.

Please pass on BAI website to friends: www.burmaactionireland.org

Suggested 3 Month Training Schedule

• Weekly cycles building from 10km in April to 100km by end June
• There will also be some organized cycles from ALSAA (Dublin Airport) to North Co. Dublin in June

Burma Action Ireland

PO Box 6786, Dublin 1, IRELAND email: info@burmaactionireland.org web: www.burmaactionireland.org