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Burma Action Ireland


Burma Action Ireland (BAI) was established in May 1996 to raise awareness about the situation in Burma and to promote human rights and democracy for the people of Burma. In doing so, BAI seeks to ensure that international policies on Burma support democratisation and human rights. It is composed of individuals with an interest in development, human rights and justice issues.

Membership is open to individuals and organisations who accept the aims and objectives of BAI and who pay the annual subscription.


Burma Action Ireland’s main objective is to campaign for democracy, development and respect for human rights in Burma including:

• The immediate end of conflict in ethnic areas, the initiation of a meaningful political peace process and full respect for the rights of the ethnic peoples;

• The unconditional release of all political prisoners of conscience and the provision of adequate support for their transition back into society;

• The safe return of all refugees to their homes with international protection.

We aim to achieve this by:

• Informing the people of Ireland about the situation in Burma and seeking their active involvement;

• Providing material and moral assistance to grassroots and civil society organisations in and from Burma which are promoting human rights and democracy in Burma;

• Lobbying the Irish Government and the international community on their stand on Burma;

• Taking whatever other steps that are necessary for the achievement of BAI’s aims.

Honorary President: John Boorman
Chairperson: Keith Donald

Burma Action Ireland

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